Interview Study About Experiences with Dementia Diagnosis

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The University of Florida, Florida Atlantic University, and the University of Miami are partnering to learn more about how clinicians, patients and caregivers discuss a diagnosis of dementia. They are seeking (1) individuals who have received a diagnosis of dementia in the past 2 years; (2) caregivers of individuals who have received a dementia diagnosis in the past 2 years; and (3) clinicians (any type) who give dementia diagnoses to patients to participate in a single telephone interview about their experiences. Patients, caregivers, and clinicians participate independently and interviews are not linked. Patients and caregivers do not need to both participate. Participants will be compensated $25 for their time.

The study, sponsored by the Florida Department of Health, aims to understand the experiences of all involved in giving and receiving a dementia diagnosis. Interview data will inform development of best practices for discussing a new dementia diagnosis.